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Luxeye™ Patches for Glasses
The Luxeye™ eye patch attaches easily to glasses and is available for both right or left lenses. There is no adhesive to irritate the skin.

The Luxeye™ is made of a soft suede-like material and attaches around the nosepad with a Velcro strip. In addition, the Luxeye™ patch is the only cloth patch on the market with a black metal inlay. This feature allows for maximum shielding from light.

The Luxeye™ patch is available in two different styles:
      Round - sizes 35, 40 and 45 mm
      Oblong - sizes 40 and 50 mm

To determine the proper size, measure the width of the lens. Be sure to include the frame in your measurement.

The Luxeye™ is available in red, blue or beige.

The Luxeye™ can be carefully washed by hand in cold water. A damp cloth may be used for slight marks. Do not put the patches in the dryer.
wire_frames.gif Wire Frames
The patches on this page are designed for eyeglass frames
that are made from wire.
plastic_frames.gif Plastic Frames
The patches on this page are designed for eyeglass frames
that are made from molded plastic.